Purchasing for Government

Contract: 47QTCA18D00CV

Schedule: 70
Category: 12 9
NAICS: 334111

Cage: 3AVV0
Expires: May 22, 2023

Impact Computers understands the importance and urgency for today's government institutions to have working, up-to-date computer equipment to adequately meet government functions and services. We also understand the need for cost-efficiency so that government institutions can purchase the computer parts they need without draining taxes and budgets. Impact Computers can supply more than 800,000 computer parts, and can assign your government institution an experienced account executive to serve your on-going need for computer parts at discount prices. Whether you need to replace failed parts, or want to make upgrades to your organization's computers; whether you're working with desktops, laptops, or servers, Impact Computers has the parts you need and the experienced representatives to supply those parts with fast, reliable service.
When your government institution opens an account with Impact Computers, we assign an account executive to work directly with you. Your account executive does all the legwork: informing you about part specs and compatibility, negotiating discount prices not available to the general public, searching out and ordering hard-to-find parts, providing upgrade options for your organization's existing equipment, tailoring quality control to individual orders, providing phone and chat service throughout the day, even contacting you about special offers and discounts. Opening an account enables us to not merely process an order, but to accommodate your government institution's on-going need for computer parts with individualized attention.
Impact Computers instantly approves government institutions for net terms, no credit application required. Just send us your purchase orders and we will get your organization the parts it needs. We can also extend you a minimum 3% discount on all parts. But feel free to negotiate bigger discounts, especially for bulk orders. We will even provide free ground shipping for orders over $100, and can ship for next day delivery if needed. With more than 160,000 different parts in our warehouse at all times, we have what you need, and if we don't have it, we will try our best to get it.
Opening an account with Impact Computers is the key to saving your government institution time and money. There is a reason why the general market pays advertised prices. General market buyers are too numerous and their orders too infrequent for us to build individualized relationships with them. Government institutions are not general market buyers, but to provide the individualized attention that you deserve we need to build a working relationship. The more we know about your organization, and the stronger history we have together, the more benefits we can offer and the better we can accommodate your on-going need for computer parts.

Contact us to open an account and we can work together to get you the computer equipment you need to support and sustain government operations.



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