History of Impact Computers

Impact Computers & Electronics started on November 1, 1995 at 1633 Washington Avenue, South Beach Miami, Florida as a small, 800 square foot, electronic shop. The company was built from scratch with a concept for retail and repairs of computer machines. This was all possible because of Daniela Salaues, Orieta Salaues, Rafael Salaues, and David Salaues, a family that wouldn’t know it then, ended up building a company that would grow into a well known global parts supplier.

In January 2002 we were expanding from our small shop and made and move to 2021 Coolidge Street, Hollywood, Florida. A 3,500 square foot facility space that we were able to fill our product, maintain the quality control that we always upheld nd be able to ship our product with same day delivery.

Being at the Coolidge facility we were able to branch out, on March 2003 we were able to slowly increase our facility to 9,500 sq ft, again in July 2005 to 15,500 sq ft and then in August of 2006 to 21,000. With each increase we were able to organize each department so that they can work efficiently to what our employee’s skills specialized in. 

 In 2012 as we were growing too fast for our warehouse building that we moved to our current location at 4151 North 29th Avenue, Hollywood Florida. As a 27,000 square foot facility, we were able to customize our entire building so that we can work to our standards and be as productive as possible.

Impact Computers grew into a reseller and outsource facility that assumes the responsibility of supplementing the existing channels when they fail. We work diligently to satisfy clients’ needs and requirements for notebook, desktop, server and printer parts. Our state-of-the-art information systems will help you order parts and to track your orders. Our sales staff is knowledgeable, friendly, and multilingual. We supply a wide range of parts such as Motherboards, Memory, Power Supplies, Keyboards, Covers, Hard Drives, Cables, Accessories, Toners, Fusers, Transfer Belts, Rollers, Maintenance kits and much more.
In a computer industry dominated by the latest product, Impact Computers meets a much-ignored need for parts and upgrades that extend the life of existing equipment. Impact Computer's success is simple: we supply the computer parts you need. Our warehouse stocks new, refurbished, and pulled parts, as well as parts manufactured exclusively for Impact Computers. Whether you need to replace a failed part, or want to upgrade existing equipment for cost-efficiency, Impact Computers is the established and reliable supplier that gets you the parts you need. Impact Computers serves every imaginable customer, from the general market, to businesses, schools, hospitals, and government institutions. We ship parts worldwide, from the United States, to Latin America, to Europe, to Canada, to all five continents and even to military bases overseas.
Today, the Salaues family could not be any prouder to see this company succeed and uphold the same standards from when it first started. Throughout the decades, Impact Computers has prided itself on efficiency and reliability in supplying our customers with the computer parts they need. With 180,000 parts in our warehouse ready to ship we can only look forward to our future and wish the best for our company.




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