RMA Steps

To request a return of the product please follow these steps:
1. Login to your account using your username and password
2. Use the link for "Order History" to see all your orders
3. Select the order desired to start an RMA on
4. Review all the parts on your order
5. Press on the  icon, next to "total" for the part number desired to return
6. Review all the information and answer all the questions
7. Enter the code showed in the image and press "Continue"

Alternatively, If you do not see the RMA icon you can fill out our RMA form here.

Once an RMA number is provided, we require the part back within 10 days. It is your responsibility to ensure that the items are returned back to our facility within the 10 day period. Any item sent after the 10 day period would automatically be denied.
It's that easy!



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